What We Do

Musement – Sing Your Story (S.Y.S) is a noteworthy Music Based Mentoring programme that facilitates the musical, personal, social and emotional development of young people from less advantaged backgrounds, empowering them through mentorship, self–expression and performing arts (particularly singing).

This transformational programme provides a creative emotional outlet to the potential – draining, function – impairing distress of everyday life and helps young people find their VOICE and themselves through music and heart felt discussion.

They learn, reflect (Muse) and express in a safe, nurturing environment as our preventative approach creatively tackles barriers to learning and life, developing protective factors ‘The Musement Way’.

Identities thrive as Young Creatives acquaint themselves with high self–esteem, cultivated through self awareness, self love and self acceptance, uplifting one another in our musical safe space.

Musement – Sing Your Story (S.Y.S) cleverly ensures the simultaneous development of literacy and interpersonal skills while developing musical excellence, creatively improving social and emotional well-being and educational and life outcomes like no other.

Confidence is certain as young creatives unlock their mindsets and skill sets to propel them into their world of greatness, effectively prepared to respond to opportunities and challenges of today’s world.

In the literal sense, ‘Sing Your Story’ refers to singing (spoken word and other forms creative expression) to express the self, life experiences, views and opinions to educate and inspire others to engage in their education and life, igniting social consciousness in communities.

Metaphorically, ‘Sing Your Story’ refers to an individual’s power write their own destiny, turning any pain into positive outcomes and fulfilling their true potential as their true, authentic self.

The Musement Method

Find your tune

Musement Young Creatives examine thought provoking (SMSC relating) stimuli in the form of songs, dissecting and discussing the lyrical content/musical literature and find a line/tune that resonates or ‘sings to them’.

Find your truth

They then write and develop a response piece from the heart, true to their inner truth, incorporating key poetic devices. This is creatively fused with original vocal arrangements, taught by a Musement mentor (musical guru) and collaboratively, they produce impactful MUSE–ical expressions of their truth. Their voice. Their story. Singing merged with spoken word, with messages emphasised through synchronised movement – musical poetry with a twist.

Find your true potential

Young Creatives (also known as musical poets) showcase their minds and vocal excellence in impactful staged performances of their work, ‘singing their story’ to educate and inspire others to engage in their education and life, stirring societies and motivating the masses as they creatively explore current issues in society.

They occasionally have the opportunity to interact with known musicians/ entertainment professionals and are given the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions with the artist for that extra inspiration. In some instances, Young Creatives even perform with renowned industry professionals, accompanied by an elite live band. Their transformational journeys are documented in a Musement personal development folder, reflecting their growth and greatness and they have the option of obtaining the nationally recognised Arts Award qualification at GCSE and A–level standard.

Who We Support

With the common goal of raising the attainment of less advantaged pupils, of all abilities to reach their full potential, the Musement – Sing Your Story programme is IDEAL for the allocation of PUPIL PREMIUM GRANT (PPG) AND PUPIL PREMIUM PLUS.

As an effective long–term source of emotional, behavioural and literacy support, as well as music enrichment and social skills development, Musement – Sing Your Story undoubtedly meets the educational needs of children and young people (including specific needs outlined in LAC personal education plans/PEPs). This bespoke service is available from just £35ph (for up to eight young people) and more thereafter. The number of hours per week is negotiable, with a minimum of 2hrs (unless agreed otherwise) and will be agreed before the commencement of the programme. All relevant documentation must be signed in advance.

Musement - Sing Your Story is a music based youth empowerment organisation that empowers young people to succeed on stage, in education and in l